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Reasons for choosing us:

help songwriters, composers, and publishers to administration their copyrights. Company Tarmim Media started in 2019, is a leading music distribution and music publishing administration company in Iraq & MENA. to help the independent artists, and label services, to get their music into top digital stores worldwide, like YouTube monetization, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, and Anghami, CRBT,

Channel Setup:

New channel creation and branding Audience migration with best practice audits of your channel Upload easy-to-use checklist

Steps to Build a Successful channel that maximizes your content and causes, viewers to take action Monetization and Increased Revenue.

Network Tarmim Media for Distribution and Publishing:

The benefit from our large network of partners to sell your music and develop your music career. We offer digital distribution premium client support artist and label services expertise marketing promotion and all the tools to succeed in the new music industry environment.

Tarmim Media: Best Music Distribution and Publishing Company.

We distribute unlimited to your releases worldwide to all major stores. Sell and stream your content, to get revenue from it.

We are dealing with The UK copyright Service

We are dealing with US Copyright Office

We are dealing with Protect My Work

We are dealing with YouTube

We are dealing with Facebook

We are dealing with TikTok

We are dealing with iTunes

For people who are building their channels on YouTube and want to learn how to grow their channel. We offer content creators opportunities to increase their revenue, help on building a growth strategy, copyright protection, stolen content claiming and manual claiming on videos.

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Physical address: Al Falah Street